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  • Run for Happiness with PNB Metlife

    Run For Happiness

    Happiness is the road under your feet. Happiness is that gulp of air when your lungs feel like they will burst. Happiness is your heart pounding in your ears. Happiness is the sweat trickling from your brow. HAPPINESS IS RUNNING!

    We at PNB MetLife are determined to keep you healthy and happy. Hence we have launched the 'Run For Happiness' initiative to keep you moving and motivated towards a healthy lifestyle by the best exercise- running!

    Train With us

Train with us

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Our accomplishments over the years

  • Guiness World Record

    Guinness World Record for 'Most people in a mountain run- single mountain'

  • Half Marathons in India

    Acclaimed as one of the best organized half marathons in India

  • Featured among the top best marathons across the globe