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Fast paced real life like on court badminton action!

Join the rally and experience the thrill with 3D Pro Badminton Challenge a mobile badminton game powered by PNB MetLife Insurance Company India Ltd and Junior Badminton Championship 3, 2017


  • Kuchimanchi Subramanyam

    You will surely be immersed in the game and play like a champion as the games progress.. Kudos to the developers.

  • Prabhas Kumar Mishra

    A perfect blend of Animation, Colour, Music, Experience and Enjoyment. I am not a pro-gamer still love the app and added to my collection. Simplicity and ease of use is the beauty of this Badminton game. Cheers to the crafters...

  • Dilip

    Best game ever. Brilliant graphics, simple controls & exciting gameplay. many playing formats to keep me hooked. A must play for all game lovers.

  • shobhit

    Excellent application with easy controls. Recommended for all gaming buffs.


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