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What Kind Of Running Buddy Is Right For You?

Tips to Finding the  Right Running Partner

One of life’s greatest feelings - The run with your friends and buddies. It’s special because it adds a sense of purpose to your relationship, but also makes each run a different experience.

For new runners, who often drop out of due to boredom or the lack of motivation, running with a buddy can have a major influence to counter those factors. 
But not all running buddies are created equal. Some will push you to the edge (not a bad thing) when you are about to give up, while others act as a bouncing board for you, helping you organize your day. So what type of running buddy do you have? And what kind are you? 
The Alarm Clock
These guys always arrive on time, and will even rouse you from bed, if you let them in. But don’t worry, what sounds like an intruder is actually nothing but a coach in the form of a friend. While they may not show you the right technique or give you a lesson on how to work out, the consistency they could instill in you is nothing less than a coach. The biggest lesson you can learn from them is persistency.
Most likely to: Nag you into getting a regular running and health routine
The Optimist
This is your friend who has been through rough patches without ever giving up their positive outlook. No matter what, they will never fail to show you the brighter side of things, egging you on when you want to quit, which can be the difference between whether you stay on course, or halt your routine.
Most likely to: Fill you with confidence to run better
The Expert
Count your lucky stars. These guys know anything and everything about running, which can get annoying at times, but learn to take their advice in your stride. As you keep running, even the slightest adjustments yield greater results. So it wouldn’t be wise to not pay attention. Plus if they are spending time hoping to improve your run, they must really want you to succeed.
Most likely to: Make you a stronger, more efficient runner
The Chatterbox
This is the friend who can’t really stop talking, which is not great company on those hill sprints days. But their real qualities come to the fore on long, easy-paced runs when you have the time and enthusiasm to listen to the chatter. Sometimes even inane conversations can light a spark in your head, and change your mood or solidify an idea. And when you are running, your mind is free and uncluttered, thus more open to ideas or influence. 
Most likely to: Give you that ‘Eureka’ moment when running
The Shrink
These guys might not really be therapists, but are great listeners nevertheless. These are the guys you can bounce ideas off when running, Research has proven that the natural release of endorphins from running, can calm you, help boost creative thinking and sharpen your decision-making. So it’s no wonder that many high-performing executives and businessmen are runners who often have running brainstorming sessions. 
Most likely to: Provide you with simple solutions to problems