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4 Signs That You Are Overtraining

Working out is obviously a great way to lead a healthy life, but when you overdo it, you are putting your body in harm’s way. Overtraining is one of the primary reasons beginners feel burnt out after a workout. There’s a very big difference between training right and overtraining, and many beginners expect the extra workload and intensity to have immediate effects on their fitness. However, as is usually the case, it makes you more susceptible to injuries, and may indeed make it difficult to exercise. 
Feeling thirsty after working out is normal, but if you are feeling thirsty even after drinking many glasses of water then it’s time to take it slow the next time. Despite hydration when your body experiences signs of dehydration it’s because the protein tissue is being broken down to release energy that leads to dehydration. 
Muscle soreness 
It is only common to have muscle soreness after a workout, but prolonged soreness is an indication that you may have done a bit more than you could handle. Any soreness that lasts for more than 5 days shouldn’t be taken lightly as this could be due to muscle fatigue and micro-tears. When you are feeling uneasy, and are having constant pain in your body, just stop working out for a few days, and take a break. 
Lack of sleep 
Not getting enough sleep and feeling extremely restless are other signs of overdoing it. We all know after a good workout we are supposed to get a good night’s sleep, but often one would find that sleep comes hard when you have over-trained. This is because your brain releases stress hormones that are actually meant to alert you about excess workouts, but once you ignore them, these hormones interfere with sleep patterns.
Normally exercise releases endorphins, which give you that happy feeling after a workout. But the minute you overdo the session you won’t be feeling happy. On the contrary you will feel depressed, fatigued and unmotivated for your next session. Overtraining affects your nervous system, and the excess endorphins affect your mood adversely. 
Getting the right amount of workouts is more important than going flat out and doing everything. Not only would it discourage you from going back to your exercise, but the injury and harm can actually have a long-lasting bad effect.